Time to put down the beer and pick up the daggers.


My name is Dmitry, and I’m your local harvest demigod—but don’t tell my boss at the bar.

Ever since Baba Yaga hid me and my magic daggers in Salt Lake City, it’s been nothing but fun and games with my metalhead roommates. Who cares if my cousins are out to kill me?

Now portals to my home world are opening across the city, trashing my hard-won new identity. Not to mention all the human-snacking monsters they’re letting through.

My shifter friend, Alysa, wants me to help hunt down the shidiot tearing open reality and, even worse, the universal police are threatening deportation.

This is about to get messy. And if my cousins follow the commotion? I am one dead demiguy.

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Shifter Alysa Lapina runs a coffee shop in rural Utah, has tea with cougars (the cats, not the ladies) and fishes in her ferret form. While she looks in her twenties, her entrepreneurial student persona hides a secret - she was once a lab animal of Koschei the Deathless himself. Upon her escape, she took a priceless artifact - an interworld portal that lets the user travel to Luko, the realm where beasts of legends are trapped to this day. Few know that Alysa herself is the Portal that everyone and their ghoul is searching for, and she would like to keep it that way. Things don't go as planned when dragons break out of Luko and decide to find the last living portal to their prison and make her dead. What's a shifter to do? Especially when one dragon in particular has real fire on his mind.

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